What Are Party Phone Lines?

A party line is a phone line where singles communicate in private. PlateauDeCauxMaritime focuses on providing the best phone date experiences by using the party lines that have partnered with us.

Party Phone Line Free Trials

Party phone line companies gave us multiple free trial minutes to give to all our visitors. So check the minute’s free trials that some of our lines provide.

10-Minute Free Trial

With a 10-minute free trial, you can take a small peek of what the party phone line is about, the caller community, and the topics that are being discussed on the phone line.

30-Minute Free Trial

With the 30-minute free trial phone lines, you can get to know some users and see if the phone line is ideal for you. Remember, if there’s any caller that you like simply save them as favorite.

60-Minute Free Trial

Some party phone lines such as Livelinks, American Social Line, and PhoneChatLine offers a generous 60 minutes of free trial to new callers that haven’t yet tested its community, topics, and moderators. With the full hour of free trial, you’re able to experience all the features the party phone lines provide.

Minute Pricing for Party Lines

After the hour, thirty minutes, or ten-minute free trial expires you have the chance to extend your phone line experience by purchasing minute packages. The pricing on each package varies depending on your phone line choice. Here we show you the common minute pricing packages

10-Minute Package Pricing

The 10-minute package has an average cost of $6.99. After purchasing this or any other minute package the system will activate extra features for you to test such as “snooze, ice-breaking messages, and favorites’ list.”

30-Minute Package Pricing

The 30-minute package pricing has an average cost of $12.99. You can set up automatic refills of this or the 60-minute package every time your account reaches 10 minutes or less.

60-Minute Package Pricing

The 60-minute package pricing has an average cost of $19.99. After purchasing this package the system will prioritize you on the queue of callers.

Party Phone Line Resources

To get the most out of your free trial minutes we encourage you to check some of the resources we’re providing you.

Toys: we advise you to use the best sex toys to spice up your conversation on the phone lines, 64% of users have mentioned that using toys help them to unleash a wilder version of themselves.

Role-playing books: The phone lines are all about imagination, using role-playing books or e-books will help you find various ideas to use in your phone conversations.

Party Phone Line Numbers

Our party phone lines are ready for you, get your phone and dial any of the listed party lines below.

Livelinks Line

  • Phone Number: +1 800 211-1231
  • Topics: Romantic Topics
  • Free Trial Minutes: 60

American Social Line

  • Phone Number: +1 800 256-1929
  • Topics: Everyday Topics
  • Free Trial Minutes: 60


  • Phone Number: +1 866 191-5355
  • Topics: General Topics
  • Free Trial Minutes: 60

Phone-Sex Number Line

  • Phone Number: +1 810 311-9411
  • Topics: Sexual Topics
  • Free Trial Minutes: 30

GuySpy Voice Line

  • Phone Number: +1 800 410-9918
  • Topics: Gay Topics
  • Free Trial Minutes: 60
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