Party Phone Lines

Are you looking for phone conversations with one or more adults on an exclusive and private phone line? We welcome you to the one-stop shop for party phone lines, PlateauDecauxMaritime.

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Types of phone chat lines
VoIP and Manual Routing Calls

Types of Party Phone Lines

A party phone line is an encrypted phone line that gathers one or more incoming calls into a single one providing a private environment for adults to share a conversation. There are two types of party phone lines:

1. VoIP Party Phone Lines:

  • 85% of party phone line uses this technology.
  • Provides the most in-call features.
  • Steadily increases its popularity every year.
  • Simultaneously handles the most number of callers.
  • Are also known as phone chat line.

2. Manual Routing Party Phone Lines:

  • Deprecated phone system technology used since 1960.
  • It’s limited to 500-600 calls simultaneously.
  • Clearer phone signal compared to VoIP.

At PlateauDecauxMaritime, we don’t showcase any manual routing party phone lines, as they’re deprecated, and the experience is worst than VoIP party phone lines.


Party Phone Line Features

In-call features are what make party phone lines fun. Some base features that most, at least 90% of party phone lines offer are:

  • Favorite caller SMS notifications.
  • Blocking and reporting feature.
  • Daily free-minute package winners.
  • Caller roulette.
  • Minute counters.

Additional features some party phone line companies offer:

  • GEO matching.
  • Minute transfers.
Phone chat line features

Free Trial Options

1. 30-Minute Trials

2. 60-Minute Trials

New users on the party phone lines can access two types of free trial minutes without any card information or pre-purchase requirements.

Minutes on party phone lines

Party Phone Line Minutes

Most party phone lines have special discounts and promotions running throughout the year. Also, most will offer buy-one-get-double minutes on initial purchases.

Standard buy-one-get-double minutes:

Buy 30 mins get 60.

When you buy a 30-minute plan, they’ll credit your account with 60 minutes.

Buy 60 mins get 120.

When you buy a 60-minute plan, they’ll credit your account with 120 minutes.

Buy 120 mins get 240.

When you buy a 120-minute plan, they’ll credit your account with 240 minutes. This type of minute plan isn’t common across party phone line companies.

Remember that this is a one-time opportunity if you haven’t purchased a package yet, so purchase the largest minute plan.

Conversation image

Phone Conversation Tips

We’ve put together a list of points you might encounter while chatting on the party phone lines.

  • 1. Awkward silences during a conversation.

    Don’t let awkward silences be part of your conversations. If you feel nervous and run out of things to talk about, ask questions. The easiest way to get rid of awkward silences is to ask questions, like: how was your day today? How does the weather look today? What’s your favorite music genre? Which countries have you traveled to? What’s your favorite restaurant?

    Questions like those lead to more fluent and entertaining conversations between you and your phone date.

  • 2. Few minutes remaining.

    During conversations, the automated voice will remind you of your remaining minute balance on different occasions, like at the beginning of a chat and when you have 30, 20, 10, and 5 minutes left.

    If you haven’t saved valid payment information onto your account, you’ll need to exit the conversation and purchase a minute plan. After the first purchase, it’s easier to automatically add minutes to your account by simply dialing #6 at any time.

  • 3. Reporting unpleasant conversations.

    It’s common for phone line callers to encounter individuals with no interest in exchanging good conversations. If you encounter a molesting user, feel free to use the block and report tool. By using this tool, you might recover some minutes you used in the conversation with this user.

Top 3 Party Phone Lines

On PlateauDecauxMaritime, we want to provide you with a few (three) but the best possible party phone line numbers. Hundreds of party phone lines are available, so filtering and showing you only the best is best for the community.

Woman on a party phone line

1- Livelinks

Highlights: Livelinks is an all-around chat line meant to help singles find potential dates. It’s secure, always available, and a reputable name in the chat line industry. Most conversations are wholesome, but it’s not restricted to phone sex conversations.

  • Types of conversations: flirty conversations.
  • Free trial: 60 minutes for free.
  • Best minute plan: 120 minutes for $9.99.
  • Best time to call: Between 8 pm and 11 pm (Pacific time.)
  • Free trial number: (855) 273-6444.

2- Fonochat Latino

Highlights: A Spanish-speaking chat line open to sharing romantic, friendly, or adult phone sex chats on a private phone line with singles across South and North America.

  • Types of conversations: wholesome conversations.
  • Free trial: 60 minutes for free.
  • Best minute plan: 60 minutes for $4.99.
  • Best time to call: Between 6 pm and 9 pm (Pacific time.)
  • Free trial number: (866) 837-6102

2- RedHot Line

Highlights: A party phone line for singles wanting to share phone sex conversations in a non-recorded and secure phone line by dialing its exclusive phone sex number. RedHot Line is a versatile party phone line, but at least 90% of its users exchange erotic conversations, so only dial this number if you’re after some late-night phone sex.

  • Types of conversations: adult chats.
  • Free trial: 60 minutes for free.
  • Best minute plan: 120 minutes for $9.99.
  • Best time to call: Between 8 pm and 12 pm (Pacific time.)
  • Free trial number: (888) 674-8069.

We’ve divided all party phone lines into different categories. Navigate our menu and discover the different party phone lines available, with their highlights, special promotions, free trial minutes, and best-minute plans.