What are Party Phone Lines?

Party phone lines are services that enable you to reach people and converse with them over the phone. These companies have been on board for more than 2 decades, helping singles of all kinds connect with like-minded people to establish friendship, relationships, or hot romance.

Picking the Right Party Phone Lines

With so many party phone lines to choose from, picking the right one may feel like a lot of work. Hence, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to guide you through the process of making your choice.

These are what to keep in mind when selecting a party phone line:

Know What You Want

There are a vast array of party phone lines catering to the desires of callers. From party phone lines dedicated to bringing your relationship goals to reality to others that can help you get naughty with nothing to worry about, be certain of your objective before using these party phone lines.

Free Trials

Lack experience with party phone lines? You should use the free trials to test the waters. These trials can last up to 60 minutes, as in the case of LiveLinks, or offer a minimum of 10 minutes like GuySpy, which is ample enough to record your greeting and get callers swooping In.


To get the most out of your chosen party phone line, buy packages for as low as $4.99. These premium packages save you the stress of dealing with annoying ads and pesky callers, not to mention the other rewards that come with them.

At a crossroad on what party phone line free trials to use? See our choices below:

Some good party phone line companies have ensured that our users enjoy various free trial minutes to kickstart their party phone line experience.

See the minutes trials below:

10-Minute Free Trial

Ten minutes may not be ample time. However, it affords you the time to quickly study the phone line environment, its community, and the topics callers are allowed to broach over. If the company gives you the chance to make your greeting, it’s best to practice the same via a voice recorder first and then make a perfect one on the platform to attract other callers using the 10-minute free trial.

30-Minute Free Trial

With the 30 minutes free trial, your party phone line experience can have a great start. You can spend minutes finding a perfect date or unraveling what the phone line is all about. Kindly remember to save any caller you find attractive as a favorite.

60-Minutes Free Trial

LiveLinks is unsurprisingly everyone’s choice simply because it offers its callers a whopping 60 minutes to get conversant with its community, subjects, and moderators.

Make good of your time by exploring each feature on the party phone line. Other companies that offer a 60-minutes free trial include PhoneChatLine and American Social Line.

Certainly, your free trial will be over. And if you had a good time, you can proceed to the minute pricing to even have a better time.

Here’s the list of various minute pricing packages you’ll find on many of these party phone lines:

10-Minute Package Plan

With an average cost of $6.99, you can obtain the 10-minute package to access premium features such as ice-breaking messages, snooze, and favorite lists.

30-Minute Package Plan

Of course, you can do triple what you could do with the 10-minutes package plan by buying a 30 minutes plan instead. It costs, on average, $12.99.

60-Minutes Package Plan

This is a premium plan which helps make you a priority on the queue of callers. With a $19.99 average cost, getting this plan surely comes in handy.

Party Phone Line Resources

Whether you’re hoping to have the time of your life with the free trial or paid plan, using our party phone line resources helps take your experience to the next level. See them below:


You can bask in an unforgettable sensual experience via phone lines using our sex toys. Besides, a study has revealed that 64% of users reported that using toys enhanced their party phone line experience.

Role-Playing Books

To kick dull moments out of the door, our role-playing books or e-books will help ignite your imagination and let things run wild.

Categories of Party Phone Lines

As mentioned earlier, there are various party phone lines waiting to satisfy your desires.

They include:

Single Party Phone Lines

Are you a single looking to meet or hook up with other singles? Single party phone lines are the ones for you. They provide you with a surplus of individuals looking to have a relationship whether serious or casual.

TangoPersonals, for instance, is a great platform to mingle and tangle with likeminded people. Other phone dating lines include Livetalk, FreeChatGirls and Howl Line.

Gay Party Phone Lines

Whether you’re looking to explore your gay side or committed to finding the right gay partner, there are a plethora of gay party phone lines to help you achieve the same.

GuySpy is a popular choice. Others include The System, Mega Mates, and Gay Live Line.

Lesbian Party Phone Lines

Strictly for lesbians, you don’t have to worry about meeting people who don’t share the same sexual orientation as you once you find a lesbian party phone line to use.

Our favorite choices include Lavender Line, Two Talkers, and TangoPersonal.

Black Party Chat Lines

Party chat lines companies understand that you have your preference when it comes to skin color. Therefore, there are tonnes of them allowing you to meet Hispanic, Latin, and black Americans.

FonoChat, for instance, carries the crown for providing surplus Latinos for you.

Erotic Party Chat Lines

Get hooked up with hotties and achieve your sexual fetishes by visiting erotic party chat lines. Taboo Chat and Jet Doll understand the assignment when it comes to this objective.

Knowing which party chat line category you want will help drastically reduce your search time as a first-time user. However, if you’re having a hard time making your choice under any category, our brief list of the best ones under each category is sure to come in handy. Simply check out our menu above.

Safety Tips

While the party phone line companies that partner with us prioritize your safety and keep your personal information confidential, it’s important that you don’t provide other callers with such personal info even as your emotions run high. We also advise that you keep your home details private just to guarantee your safety.

Meet in a Public Space

We don’t advise callers to have their first meetings in private and secluded areas such as their homes or hotel rooms. Even on second and third meetings, play it safe by meeting in public places where an easy exit is close.

Inform Others

It’s never okay to meet this new person alone and without informing others of your whereabouts. Let your confidant know when you have arrived at the location and when you’re leaving. Moreover, you can play a call prank if you don’t feel like spending time with your date.

Plan Your Transportation

To tighten your security, don’t depend on your date to transport you to and from your meeting place. Plan your means of transportation and ensure you two arrive individually.

Maintain Your Rules

Never fall for your date’s pressure to pick you at your home or reveal your personal information to them even if they choose to reveal theirs to you. Simply explain that it’s against your practice. If they continue to pressure you, do well to cut them off.

Adhering to our safety tips will help enhance your party phone line experience.