Gay Party Phone Lines

Get ahold of amazing hot guys in your area by dialing the top-rated gay party phone lines shown below. Discreet, private, and unmonitored phone lines that will let your voice and mind be free.

Best 3 Gay Party Phone Lines (Including Free Trials)

top 3 gay phone lines.
Top 3 gay phone lines.

Here’s our curated list of the best 3 gay party phone lines that are: available 24/7, include free trials, and are well-known in the gay phone date industry.

1. GuySpy Voice

Highlights: A must-try for gay callers. It’s available at all times and has features like geo and topic relevance matches, a 1-hour free trial, and pin code access, among others. It’s ideal for those looking for wholesome conversations. It’s not limited to wholesome conversations; explore the community topics to see what most callers are interested in chatting about.

  • Types of conversations: gay flirty conversations.
  • Free trial: 60 minutes for free.
  • Best minute plan: 120 minutes for $9.99.
  • Best time to call: Between 6 pm and 10 pm (Pacific time.)
  • Free trial number: (855) 245-9062.

2. PSN Gay Line

Highlights: From the creators of PSN (the most well-known phone sex company), PSN Gay Line is ideal for those looking for gay phone sex. It was released in 2018, including every feature you might find on any other gay party phone line, like geo matching, topic relevance matching, profile swapping, 1-hour free trial, pin code, and voice code access.

  • Types of conversations: gay phone sex.
  • Free trial: 30 minutes for free.
  • Best minute plan: 60 minutes for $7.99.
  • Best time to call: Between 9 pm and 2 am (Pacific time.)
  • Free trial number: (888) 939-2548.

3. Fonochat Latino for Gays

Highlights: If you’re Latino and gay, Fonochat for gays might be the right pick for you. To join the gay group of callers on Fonochat, record the keyword “gay” on your introductory message, and the phone system will filter out straight matches and match you with only gay singles. At least 60% of callers on Fonochat speak Spanish, and 90% speak fluent English.

  • Types of conversations: Gay and Spanish flirty conversations.
  • Free trial: 60 minutes for free.
  • Best minute plan: 60 minutes for $9.99.
  • Best time to call: Between 5 pm and 9 pm (Pacific time.)
  • Free trial number: (866) 837-6102.

Local Matches

The gay party phone lines are available for everyone dialing from The United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Did you know that gay party lines use a geo-matching feature to introduce you first to local singles? Gay party lines use an IVR system that reads the incoming-call phone number stripping the country and local area code to sort the available callers based on the caller’s local area.

85% of callers are from the United States of America, 10% from Canada, 3% from the United Kingdom, and 2% from Australia.

The United States of America is by far the country with most interest in gay phone lines; the cities with the most incoming calls in the United States of America are:

  • Miami (Area code: 305 and 786).
  • San Diego (Area code: 619).
  • New York (Area code: 646).
  • Dallas (Area codes: 214, 972, and 469).
  • San Jose (Area code: 408 and 669).
  • Chicago (Area code: 312 and 773).
  • Jacksonville (Area code: 904).
  • Orlando (Area code: 407).
  • Denver (Area code: 303).
  • Atlanta (Area code: 404, 470, and 770).

Gay Topic Ideas

If you run out of ideas to talk about, feel free to use our list of gay topic ideas to share over the phone. Try to keep this list handy, as you might want to avoid awkward silences during your conversation.

  • When did you join the gay party phone lines?
  • Have you ever dated a woman?
  • What is your craziest party story?
  • Where did you find out about the gay party phone lines?
  • Which is your favorite gay phone line?
  • What are your thoughts about Jeffrey Star?
  • How many times a week do you enter the gay phone lines?


You must respect certain rules and restrictions while using the party phone lines. If numerous caller reports find you at fault, your account might be restricted from accessing the gay party line again, and your remaining minutes will be removed.

  1. Don’t push sexual conversations.
  2. Don’t push your personal thoughts on politics.
  3. Don’t insult, and always respect.
  4. Don’t push in-person meetings.
  5. Don’t promote other non-related services on the phone line.