What is a party phone line?

A party phone line is a phone system that connects one or more calls into a single one allowing users to interact with each other in a private chat room.

Does Plateaudecauxmaritime.com partner with party phone line companies?

Yes. We’ve partnered with the major party phone lines to give users a free period trial. We extensively test every service before showcasing it to users. So rest assured that what you get is the best possible service.

Who can use the party phone lines?

Anyone above 18 years old. Minors are strictly prohibited from using the platform and are removed and blocked from the platform.

How to register on the party phone lines?

Simply enable the microphone on your phone and let the phone app use it to start recording a message to show to other users in the phone line system.

Will my information remain private on the phone lines?

Yes. At all times. Your information matters, and we don’t place any phone line that doesn’t comply with our principles.

What are the perks of being a woman on the party phone lines?

It’s always free for women. So feel free to call at any time because the phone line will always remain free for you.

How does the Hotlist work?

During your phone line adventures, you’ll encounter people you want to talk to again. That’s when the hotlist comes handy. Simply, at the end of each call, decide if you wish to save that user under your hotlist list or not. You’ll need to dial #3 to save users on your hotlist list.