Phone Sex Party Phone Lines

Are you ready to share the naughtiest conversations with locals over the phone? At PlateauDecauxMaritime, we’re ready to get you rolling on the phone sex party lines with incredible one-time free trial samples. You can enable the one-time free trial on each party line by dialing the phone number provided.

Best 3 Phone Sex Party Lines

Best three phone sex lines.
Best three phone sex lines.

Here’s our expert’s selection of the best 3 picks of phone sex party phone lines. We’re constantly updating our party phone line picks, so be fast, as they might not be available next week.

1. PSN Line

PSN Line is the go-to party phone line for erotic phone conversations over their secured phone line. Features like voice access, private voicemails, hot list management, and no moderation make it a top-tier phone sex party line. PSN line gave us a free trial number for people to take a sneak peek of what their phone line service is about, so why not?

  • Types of conversations: Erotic conversations.
  • Free trial: 30 minutes for free.
  • Best minute plan: 60 minutes for $9.99.
  • Best time to call: Between 8 pm and 3 am (Pacific time.)
  • Free trial number: (888) 696-4766.

2. RedHot Line

The naughtiest conversations happen on RedHot Line. With enabled features such as pre-recorded spicy ice-breaking voice messages, no conversation control, infinite amount of callers, and close-by matches, RedHot Line is a have-to-try phone sex service. RedHot Line gives a free one-hour service for new users calling their phone line system. As in Las Vegas, What happens in RedHot Line, stays in RedHot Line. Oh, and gay users can join the gay category on RedHot Line to enjoy gay phone chats.

  • Types of conversations: Naughtiest conversations.
  • Free trial: 60 minutes for free.
  • Best minute plan: 120 minutes for $9.99.
  • Best time to call: Between 7 pm and 2 am (Pacific time.)
  • Free trial number: (888) 674-8069.

3. TwoTalkers

Phone sex talks are consistently going on over TwoTalkers party phone line. Featuring web and app platforms, secret-code access, real user activity, and 24/7 connectivity, it makes TwoTalkers a top choice for newbies on party phone lines. TwoTalkers divides its users into two categories, naughty and romantic. By default, TwoTalkers adds new users into their romantic category unless an erotic tone or language is used in the recorded profile.

  • Types of conversations: Romantic and phone sex conversations.
  • Free trial: 30 minutes for free.
  • Best minute plan: 60 minutes for $10.99.
  • Best time to call: Between 6 pm and 2 am (Pacific time.)
  • Free trial number: (800) 963-7792.

Accessories to Include on Phone Sex Sessions.

  • Voice Modulator App. If you’re unsure about how sexy your voice is or are afraid of someone recognizing your voice, using a voice modulator app might help you. There are multiple voice modulator apps on the Apple Store or Google Play store to choose from that are compatible with party phone line services.
  • Auto-Ignore App. No one likes to get a text message or phone call during a phone sex session. So we advise everyone to download and enable auto-ignore apps from the Apple or Google store. After downloading an auto-ignore app, the app will send every incoming call to the voicemail, and every new text message will be marked as read, so it doesn’t alert you.
  • A notebook with topic ideas. Having a notebook with topic ideas on what to share during phone sex is ideal. You want to avoid awkward silences leading to goodbyes, so having a notebook with at least 10 ideas about what to talk about is perfect.

What Are Phone Sex Trials

Trials on phone sex.

Most phone sex party lines give new members a one-time free usage period to try out the service. Phone sex is one of the most competitive industries, and companies want users to experience their service for free, so if you like it, you can keep using their phone sex service. Here are 3 things to look out for when using free trials.

  • Free trials have an expiration date. You can’t just enable a free trial and not use it because you might waste your free usage period. Usually, companies allow 3-5 days for new users to use the minutes, and if they don’t use them, the minutes will expire.
  • Free trials are only for first-timers. If it’s your first time calling, excellent, the system will auto-activate your free minutes, but if not, then you won’t have any additional minutes.
  • No pre-payment or payment information is required. It’s important to note that you won’t be asked for a saved payment method or a pre-payment to enable the free trial.

How to Sound Sexier Over the Phone 

If you’re after phone sex, it’s important to know how to sound sexy. These tips will suffice for most people, and others might want to ask for someone’s help to judge their voice and how to adjust it.

  1. Try to lower your voice pitch.
  2. Men should try to sound raspy.
  3. Women should try to sound airy.